Mini Solar Panel Generator



Model LM-1250
Material Iron Shell
Support TV 15-25 Inch Solar TV
Battery Specification Lead Acid 12V 9A
Charging Time 16 hours
Solar Panels 18V 20W
Phone Charging 5V 2.1A
Using time 15-48 hours
Size 205mm x 100mm x 230mm
Weight 3.5Kg

-With 12V lamp output port, can use 5 bulbs at the same time.
-With USB port 2.4A output, support tablet and phone charging.
-With TV and fan output ports, support 12V DC TV and 12V fan.
-With handle, the handle is ergonomic and comfortable to handle.
-Can support 12V 15-25 inch DC solar TV, use time for 7-9 hours.
-The machine is equipped with 18V 20W solar panels for charging, which takes about 13-15 hours.

Package Included:
1 x Solar Generator System
1 x S
olar Panel
4 x 
1 x Phone Charging Line