ca prop 65

What obligations do retailers have to warn?  

  1. You should not remove the warnings applied by Rothco to any products that may be sold in California.  If you are not located in California but intend to ship your product into California, you must label the products prior to shipping.  Rothco will provide additional warning labels, which can be obtained here.
  2. If you are selling items subject to Proposition 65 on a website or by catalog, you must include the Prop 65 warning on the product page so that the consumer has the chance to view it prior to purchasing the product.  More information regarding online sales warnings are available at this California governmental website:
  3. If you currently have older inventory for the subject items that are not labeled but are intended for sale in California, please contact us and we will send you appropriate warning labels for your merchandise. 

Rothco trusts that its retailers and distributors will make every effort to ensure compliance with the law.  By purchasing products from The self reliance store, purchasers agree to comply with the above obligations and agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Rothco against any and all liability, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising out of any failure to do so.  Please email  with questions about our products and Prop 65.  

For California Dealers:

Any applicable item shipped to a California retailer will have the appropriate Proposition 65 label affixed directly to the product. These items are denoted on the packing list with the warning, see examples below. 


If for any reason a product with this notation on the packing list does not have this label on the product, please contact Rothco immediately. If you have any of the items listed on our website on your shelves already, please contact Rothco, and we will send you the appropriate labels for your merchandise. You can also order labels free of charge in reasonable quantities, here

While we realize this warning sounds alarming, we do want to reassure you that, as the website indicates, the key factor in determining the health risk is the amount of exposure one has to the items on Prop 65 list. For more information posting requirements, or for details about the Prop 65 warning language, see

The good news is that Rothco dealers are now able to ship and sell products to California residents that were previously prohibited before we instituted this labeling system. Should you have any questions about our California Proposition 65 Compliance