New to prepping

New to prepping

January 15, 2020

For what ever reason you've decided being prepared is a good idea. At first you read up on the subject, join a few Social Media groups and start asking for advice. Or, you just sit in the corner and read all the posts and find yourself overwhelmed with all the possibilities. And the dollar signs start adding up in your head. 

Start small, make yourself a checklist and work it until complete. You  most likely already have a lot of what you will need in your pantry, garage, basement and backyard shed. Nothing says you will need to run right out and purchase top of the line gear all at once. Treat yourself with something new every payday, or if that is beyond your means try to aim for a new piece of gear each month.

Keeping your pantry full is fairly easy. When your shopping for those items you use on a daily basis, increase the quantity by a few. You will have a well stocked pantry in no time at all. And, it will be stocked with those items you and your family are used to consuming. Oatmeal for breakfast and Mac and Cheese for lunch and dinner every day for weeks on end will get old really quick, so plan accordingly.

The Self Reliance Store offers an assortment of storeable food.


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