Food Storage. How long will our food last?

Food Storage. How long will our food last?

February 25, 2020

Proper food storage is an essential part of being in a state of better self reliance. Having a well stocked pantry does you little good if you find the food spoiled when you go to use it. But with a little proper planning you can manage your pantry.

How long will your stores last?

Previous estimates of longevity were based on "best-if-used-by" recommendations and experience. Though not studied, sugar, salt, baking soda (essential for soaking beans), and vitamin C in tablet form also store well long-term. Some basic foods do need more frequent rotation, such as vegetable oil every 1 to 2 years. Here are some new guidelines for food storage life expectancy.

Wheat 30+
White rice 30+
Corn 30+
Sugar 30+
Pinto beans 30
Rolled oats 30
Pasta 30
Potato flakes 30
Apple slices 30
Non-fat powdered milk 20
Dehydrated carrots 20

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